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Leak Detection

Vacuum Leak Detector (VLD)

The Vacuum Leak Detector (VLD) Is A Simple Test Instrument Used By Manufacturers And Users Of Condensers, Heat Exchangers, And Other Tubular Apparatus To Identify Leaking Tubes From 1/4 To 3-Inch (6.4 - 76.2mm) Outer Diameter.

With the VLD, one user can do the job by sealing the far end of the tube with a snap type tube plug and by pressing the rubber-coated nozzle into the near end of the tube and depressing the trigger. A steady Gauge reading indicates a good tube while a falling vacuum indicates a leaky tube. Using a 90 psi dry clean air, a typical tube (1-inch Outer Diameter x 20 Gauge and 20-feet in length) can be tested in 6 to 8 seconds.

The VLD weighs just over 1kg and is equipped with a muffler, providing quiet operation even in confined areas.

The VLD can be used with accessory parts, including the Tube Plug Snap for 3/8 to 2-inch (9.5 - 50.8mm) Outer Diameter. Additional nozzles are available from 1/4 to 3-inch (6.4 - 76.2mm) Outer Diameter and nozzle extensions are available from 5/8 to 2-inch (15.9 - 50.8mm) Outer Diameter.