Rico Industrial Services Ltd


With Over 20 Years Experience Working With Condensers And Heat Exchangers We Can Offer A Comprehensive Range Of Additional Critical Services

Tube Mapping / Plugging Service

Taking A Unit Out Of Service For A Leaking Tube Can Be Very Costly In Terms Of Loss Of Production Or Damage To Your Plant.

These leaks can be easily prevented by incorporating our tube services into your maintenance cycle.

As part of our cleaning or leak detection packages we can carry out our tube mapping services where we will identify the location of any tube plugs and check that the corresponding tubes are plugged at the opposite end. We will also identify damaged plugs and replace these with new. These simple measures can make the difference in continued running of your plant to coming out of service and incurring a loss of production whilst a leak search is carried out.

Tube Removal

Occasionally the need arises when a tube or number of tubes will need to be removed for a further physical inspection. We have the trained personnel who can remove the tube(s) safely and refit a dummy tube in its place to seal the tube sheet. We can also arrange the analysis of the tube under laboratory conditions to examine it for defects and to determine the likely cause.

Tube Insert Removal / Replacement

Our experienced staff have all the necessary tools to remove and refit all types / brands of erosion inserts including metal and plastic.